I'm an entrepreneur who loves breaking the rigid norms of physiotherapy while strategically collaborating with sustainable healthcare and fitness brands, with the greater aims of bringing quality and effective physiotherapy to the community.
Around the clock Mondays to Sundays, I am the director and resident physiotherapist of Maison Therapy, a home physiotherapy group dedicated to providing sustainable healthcare solutions to individuals and families. When I'm not working on ideas, I'm out doing a run or out travelling somewhere in the world.
In my area of work, I'm particularly dedicated in the musculoskeletal field with an interest in the rehabilitation and analysis of the human movement and gait. I also have a keen interest in research and education. Over the years, I have contributed actively on both local and international fronts on education in the running gait and running injury prevention.
My deep interest in running stems from my decade long running career. Over a period of 12 years, I have represented Singapore in distance running at various international levels. My most memorable achievement is breaking the Singapore Half Marathon record and taking helm to it over the period of 2016-2019.
In 2018, I moved on to co-founding a physiotherapy clinic specialising in assisting athletes to performing at their highest level of potential. I partnered with national sports organisations like Singapore Athletics and Singapore's pro cycling team - Procycling SG to work with athletes in analysing their movement patterns and managing their potential injury risk.
At present, I am building a physiotherapy group specialising in home physiotherapy care for both the young and the seniors. I am also working on an academic writing on running gait analysis and rehabilitation. Moving forward, I have plans to explore my passion in the running gait across borders.
— Ying