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Hello, I am @mokyingrong

Hello, i am @mokyingrong I talk Physiotherapy. I`m a running gait specialist, entrepreneur and an obsessed runner MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong Represent in Bahrain. Started Junior College MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong I started a RUNFREE community project.
Won 2nd in my 1st marathon. Gave a bunch of Talks. MORE LESS

Promotional Media Trips

Hello, i am @mokyingrong I went on media trips sponsored by travel agencies. MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong High altitude training in Boulder, Colorado. Raced at the IAAF world cross country MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong I won my 1st overseas half marathon. Set the National record and landed a new job. MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong Got a great job offer. Running well.
I`m staying with Nike! MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong A great year for me! Won the Great Eastern Half Marathon and started my entrepreneurial journey! MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong I became a co-founder. The Rehab Lab is born! MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong Leveraging on technology to futureproof your health MORE LESS


Hello, i am @mokyingrong I founded Maison, a physiotherapy venture specialised in home based care. MORE LESS

Also known as, Ying

I can usually be found in Singapore, hustling with a team of like-minded individuals managing Maison Therapy – We are a physiotherapy team specialising in movement analysis and injury prevention.

When I’m not running in circles at the oval office, I can be found entranced in my job. You can say I am addicted to my lifestyle! I also like road cycling, petting my shitzu and eating fancy cakes.


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I started out as a competitive swimmer in primary school. I lasted for 6 years before switching to triathlon. I won several biathlon meets but barely lasted for 2 years, before switching to distance running. In 2009, I represented Singapore for the 1st time at the Asian Cross Country Championships in Bahrain.

2010 was the start of a great 2 years at Raffles Junior College! I won my first national schools cross country title. In junior college, I was also a member of the Raffles Science Institute, Gavel club, Track & Cross country team.

I started the RunFree community project. RunFree was a non-profit movement initiated to encourage people to take proactive measures towards injury prevention and to educated people on how to run faster in a safe manner

2013 also saw me winning 2nd local at the Singapore Marathon. That same year, I gave numerous talks for Syngenta, Young NTUC Run 350, and Special Olympics Singapore

2014 was very busy but interesting! I was sponsored by CTC travel agency and Dynasty Travel Agency to promote their running travel packages.

I went with the media to Sydney, Taiwan, and Korea and we promoted the travel events via social media. In the lead up to the travel events, I conducted several running workshops and educated the public on injury-free running.

I graduated from physiotherapy school and started work at the Singapore Sports Institute as a physiotherapist. However, work got terminated early when I had the sudden opportunity to head to Boulder, Colorado to train with the Boulder Track Club under the guidance of Lee Troop

2015 was the same year I raced at the IAAF world cross country in Guiyang, China! That same year, I won the Taipei Half Marathon in the 20-29 women category.

When I returned to Singapore from the States, I landed a job in a private physiotherapy practice. Not long later in April, I won the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Half Marathon.

The same win in the Gyeongju Half Marathon saw me breaking the national half marathon record. The straits times congratulated me on a new record in a printed article. Read the article here.

2017 saw me dabbling into physiotherapy locum work. I was then scouted by another private practice and was offered something better. I loved my new work place!

I also won the great eastern half marathon again and renewed my Nike sponsorship for the next 5 years.

2018 saw me winning the Great Eastern Half Marathon again for the 3rd year running.

2018 was a great year for my career. I was invited by the Taipei physiotherapy association to give a presentation on “The importance of the big toe in physiotherapy and running performance”.

At the end of 2018, I handed in my resignation to begin my entrepreneurial journey

I co-founded The Rehab Lab. It was an exciting and scary process as I made the decision to forgo a steady rice bowl to stand on my own two feet.

The birth of The Rehab Lab is emotional for me because the idea of TRL remains similar to the RunFree initiative that I had started years back. The Rehab Lab is a progression from the original RunFree initiative and it parallels my personal development and growth

In 2020, I found myself providing physiotherapy to a greater variety of patient groups – from seniors with a range of degenerative neurological diseases, to high level performance athletes representing singapore at major games.

I realised a need for quality healthcare to be more available to the mass markets and delivered in more sustainable methods.

And so the birth of “Dreamfunders”. For now, a theoretical concept of sustainable quality healthcare translating into improvement in one’s quality of life and in the process, persevering one’s dreams.

I served as the affiliated principal physiotherapist to Active Global, to provide private physiotherapy care to the mass market. It’s a part private, part government initiative whereby private physiotherapy care provided to the cash paying mass market, is partly subsidised by the government.

Sustainability in healthcare leverages on technology growth. I introduced cryptocurrency as an alternative payment mode for my startup services. The appreciation in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general, has a rising place in maintaining quality and efficiency in healthcare.

As I started providing more home based care with my position at Active Global, I became increasingly intrigued to better understand the home physiotherapy model of care.

At the same time, delivering quality physiotherapy has always been my primary motivation. I decided that I needed to explore physiotherapy stripped of its accessories to truly understand what it means to provide effective and quality physiotherapy.

I left The Rehab Lab partnership in June 2021, and founded Maison Therapy. Maison means home in French. I wanted my customers to see that recovery begins from home and that there is no need to view recovery as a separate physical location. Injury rehabilitation and prevention should be part of our daily living knowledge and exploration.

Truly effective physiotherapy primarily lies in the knowledge and perspectives in problem solving, without a need for the luxury of spaces. And this will be the core foundation of Maison.

Hello, i am @mokyingrong

I am Mok Ying Rong.

I am the founder of Maison Therapy where I oversee both the business and clinical aspects. I am a senior physiotherapist specializing in rehabilitation and running gait analysis. I have vast experience sharing physiotherapy knowledge to both professionals and the general public within the physiotherapy network, sporting communities, and corporate spaces.

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